Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Annals of ill Design

'Twas peeping the video for Kool G. Rap's "On the Run," as is my wont, when my wig got split by the image of Kool "ridin around with ten kilos inside my trunk G" in an ill pre-radical-mid-1990's-grill-makeover Beamer (possibly an M5) with even iller early 1990's New York State license plates.

Simple. Stark. Iconic. The opposite of the muddled, dull-colored current plates with its cheap attempt to pander to all corners of the state. The kind of plate perfectly appropriate to the anonymous Toyota and Ford sedans of today that makes us all feel like we're traveling businessmen renting from Hertz' economy class.
Both plates, of course, must bow down to the true orange and blue plates of the late 70s/early 80s. The kind of instantly recognizable yet understated plate that suited the era's boss-ass cars.
Have you ever thought that G. Rap is one of the most influential and skilled MCs of all time and a pioneer and master of Mafioso rap/street/hardcore content? Not only does DJ Polo know so (when I die bury me in the 'lo!) but you can cold lamp comfortably knowing that such an assertion is backed by 15 Wikipedia citations.


The Mza said...

streets of new york. where's the link..........his best song. or even Road to the Riches.

The Mza said...

or Talk like Sex

such great songs.