Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pheel Our Pain

Bad times to be a member of A.M.F.S.B.T.M.F.Y. Nation these days. That Kazmir-Zambrano trade don't look so bad anymore, eh?

Well, we turn our eyes to the Phightins. They played the Yanks tuff earlier this summer, having taken two of three at New Yankee Stadium. Their lineup can hurt you in many different ways. Ryan Howard is feasting. Citizen Bank Park blasts the rousing theme from The Blues Brothers after big wins. They've been there. They've got, as Tha Uuuuuuuuuuuuu's Jacory Harris' hair would say, 'Swag.'

Then again, Brad Lidge is their closer. And Rudy G's got home field. And the Yanks' pitching is the deepest and thickest (yeah!) it's been since the late 90's. And fucking Mark "Big Fundamentals" Texiera is covering 2nd base.

Anybody got anything, anything, that can cheer up Any Mother Fuckin Squadron But The Mother Fuckin Yanks Nation? I've never wanted Frownie to lose money more.

George Steinbrenner image courtesy of Coachie's personal collection of classic NY Post covers.


Fred Coupon said...

Half the Yankees wins this postseason were manufactured by opponents' gaffes. The Phillies are for real and as the Mets are well aware, have GRINDERZZZZZ and GAMERZZZZZZ up and down their lineup. The Yankees offense is basically being propped up by ARod.

Al K. Mza said...

Are you guys serious in supporting the Phillies?

Serious Stockholm Syndrome.

Fred Coupon said...

Who cares who we're supporting? if you're a Yankee fan, it shouldn't matter to you one bit.

coaches said...

MZA, i would support dick cheney if we were playing the yanks. i would support the dallas cowboys if they were playing the yanks. i would support a team consisting of mike soscia, adam wainwright, tom glavine, pat burrell, chipper jones, roger clemens, andruw jones and hanley ramirez if this team of met-killers was playing the yankees.

Bryan said...

"Who cares who we're supporting? if you're a Yankee fan, it shouldn't matter to you one bit."

Is Tupac dead?
Is Tom Cruise gay?
Is Ravi really a Yankees fan?

The questions of our time. Coupon FTW.