Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bonds Market Closed

Even Barry Bonds's agent is conceding that his career is over. As his #1 fan (at least outside of San Fran), it's my duty to point out a ridiculous Bonds stat to mark the occasion. Despite missing nearly all of 2005 with an injury, and being pseudo-blackballed for the last two seasons, Bonds was still arguably the best offensive player of the decade.

Adjusted Batting Runs is a stat that estimates how many more/less runs a player produced compared to an average batter. According BattingRuns, Bonds has the best three offensive seasons of all time. He also managed to lead all of baseball in BattingRuns for the decade with 623, compared to Pujols's 580 and A-Rod's 476. Player of the decade? Maybe not. Hitter of the decade? Probably.

(I'll also note that Bonds led baseball in BattingRuns during the 90s with 610.)


coachie said...

Hmmm, not quibbling, but just throwing out there, would Manny's postseason heroics make him a hitter of the decade candidate?

and who is the player of the decade?

the mariners should sign bonds, pair him up with Junior at DH.

Part of me feels that Bonds should have swallowed his pride these past 2 years and been willing to sign for the major league minimum.

cannatar said...

I'll go with A-Rod over Pujols for player of the decade, but it's close.

I think Bonds is the only other player with a credible case.

Even with his heroics, Manny's overall stats were about the same in the playoffs as they were during the regular season (1.046 OPS vs 1.018).
For comparison, A-Rod's postseason OPS for the decade is .995 (Bonds = 1.273).

coachie said...

Well, at least A-rod never won a ring. fuck.
would you give a-rod the nod over pujols because a-rod was an above-average SS then became a decent 3B and I don't know how Pujols is considered at 1b, not bad i'm guessing, but still only 1b.
/bolt of lightning from keith hernandez/

wait, putting on Peter King/every other chump columnist hat/ you don't think Jeter wins player of the decade because his heart is SO much bigger than everyone else's????? did you not see the S.I. cover 2 weeks back with him in front of the subway?? that smile??

Bryan said...


Anonymous said...

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