Monday, December 28, 2009

Hitting the Inside Straight

There's no other way to describe yesterday's events from a Jets perspective: the Colts folded with a pair of queens on the turn and Rex completed the straight on the river. If you're Jim Caldwell, why let Peyton break out the Manning face before the playoffs begin? And where was Vinny Testaverde warming up on the sidelines for Indy? Coulda signed him the day of the game and he would've done a better job than the absolutely mortified Curtis Painter.


coachie said...

seriously, you know Vinny was sitting by the red phone in his basement, chilling in his sweats, throwing prosciutto slices at the screen.
My headline for the Giant game:
Big Boo as Big Blue Barfs Before Bitter Ballfans.

Fred Coupon said...

It's a rare combo, but considering we know a few, how tough were the closings of Shea and Giants Stadiums for Mets/Giants fans? And which is worse, an excruciating close loss or straight up ass whooping?

cannatar said...

Unless you're a season ticket holder (which is a very small percentage of fans), you're probably not that emotional about losing your childhood football stadium.
As a Mets fan, I went to 5-10 games at Shea every year from 1986 to 2008. I don't think that's atypical. I'm not a big football fan, but even if I was, I probably would've only been to a handful of games.
Coachie, Coupon, MZA - you're all football guys, disagree?

Fred Coupon said...

I agree that the closing of a football stadium can't elicit the same emotions as that for a baseball stadium, but you have to admit having both the Mets and Giants lose win-to-stay-alive games in each stadium finale hurts. Of course, the Jets can join that party too.

Coachie is a football guy alright, but the footie version. I have become more of a football guy as the Mets have beaten my love of baseball out of me the last several years.

coachie said...

Plus, look at the lack of festivities the Giants had. What a joke, that stadium is barely older than I am and in perfectly fine shape.

Bryan said...

I think the bigger joke was everyone saying "THE LAST REGULAR SEASON GAME AT GIANTS STADIUM!!!" when it was not in any way "THE LAST REGULAR SEASON GAME IN GIANTS STADIUM."