Monday, December 14, 2009

One Fell Swoop

John Lackey joins the Red Sox rotation.
Roy Halladay joins the Phillies' rotation.
Cliff Lee joins the Mariners' rotation.

Joel Piniero and/or Jason Marquis will join the Mets' rotation.



Coachie said...

Odd move to me. Not doubting Halladay by any stretch, but you've already got an ace who 1. is a year removed from the Cy Young. 2. who has proved he can pitch in their bizarre park 3. has proved he is dope in the playoffs, capped off by Game 1 at new Yankee Stadium.

also, vaccaro, i feel, unfairly compared Lackey to Zito in terms of bad signings.

johan, maine, big pelf, ollie. what's the big deal? we seem set.

Fred Coupon said...

Yes, Halladay is not a massive upgrade over Lee, but the point is in one day the pitching market in the offseason completely dried up. Be prepared for six innings of Johan, six innings of Pelf, five innings of Maine, three innings of Ollie and four innings of Niese/Gee/whatever every week.

cannatar said...

It's very hard to argue that Halladay isn't better than Lee. But, it's also hard to argue that it's a big upgrade. It sounds like the bigger motivation for the Phils was that Halladay would sign an extension and Lee wouldn't.

What I don't understand is why the Phillies didn't just trade for Halladay and keep Lee.

Maybe it'll be clearer when the final details emerge.