Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Playoff Push Begins Now?

After a thrilling 106-97 victory over the hapless Nyets, the Knicks are only 2.5 games behind the Raptors, Bulls and Wizards for a golden ticket to the postseason and more importantly, avoiding the ignominous fate of handing the Jazz a lottery pick. The major issue going forward is, does Donnie further scuttle his roster with the team sniffing contention, much like he did early last season when he unloaded Jamal Crawford and Zebo? Chicago is dangling career project and forward Tyrus Thomas -a great athlete that Mike D'Antoni apparently would love to have- in exchange of egalitarian sneaker pitchman/swingman Al Harrington, and I'm at least mixed about it. Trading for youth is a no-brainer, but Harrington can score, whether he starts or comes off the bench, and would even be useful next season. And trading him undoubtedly waves the white flag on the already rocky season, killing whatever little buzz this squad could generate. What say you?

On a separate note, Nate Robinson should be glued to the bench for the rest of the season. No debate there.


Bryan said...

What about trading Nate? Guy's certainly talented, but more of a headcase than Al.

I'll say this: watched a bunch of games. This team can play, but usually only does so for a half. I saw them go straight up for a half with the Lakers, Magic, and Celtics.

coachie said...

egalitarian is a good way of describing Harrington, the "protege" is a fine sneaker value.

I'm mixed on trading Al as well, but ultimately in favor. He sure can score, but scoring is not this team's problem. I wouldn't mind seeing Ty Thomas doing everything but score around the hoop, doing the "nitty-gritties."

However, Vescey quoted an anonymous comic actor/knick fan (clearly chris rock) in saying the Knicks should stay well clear of any Bulls trade considering our past dealings with them.

Free Nate!