Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Improving Defensive Statistics in Baseball by Recording Each Play.

 A company named SportVision will install video cameras at every Major League ballpark to record each play. "Sportvision’s FieldFX camera system records the action while object-recognition software identifies each fielder and runner, as well as the ball. After a play, the system spits out data for every movement: the trajectory of the ball, how far the fielder ran, and so on. “After an amazing catch by an outfielder, we can compare his speed and route to the ball with our database and show the TV audience that this player performed so well that 80 percent of the league couldn’t have made that catch,” says Ryan Zander, Sportvision’s manager of baseball products."

SportVision could make some serious side-money by selling DVD compilation of certain players and their gaffes. No doubt Fred Coupon would have gotten me a DVD of David Murphy's lowlights in the outfield for Christmas had such a DVD existed. And I would have loved it. Would have put it on my shelf next to my VHS copy of "Rey-O," the tape where Cookie Rojas and Rey Ordonez give a master class in defense. Of course, Keith Hernandez is training Murph at first base this year so that's all behind us. 

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