Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Greatest April Fool's Day Pranks of All Time

 Some amazing stuff from around the web today, including the Santa Monica Daily Press announcing that legal gambling was coming to Los Angeles in the form of gambling boats that would dock at the Santa Monica pier then head out into international waters. (Maybe they would see Drederick Tatum fighting a horse).

The Guardian came through with this excellent fake campaign ad for UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
 And then there is this excellent roundup of the Greatest April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time, including Sports Illustrated's tale of Mets phenom prospect Sidd Finch, (which in a way seems like how Mets management feels eternally optimistic about Oliver Perez); Taco Bell's announcement that they had bought sponsorship rights to the Liberty Bell, Burger King's prank where they told people the Whopper wasn't available and they freaked, an Australian prank where they announced they would be converting to "metric time,"and one that Jay Leno would love, an Kokomo, Indiana report that its police station would close between 6pm and 6am and take messages in the interim.

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