Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Old Ballfield

Playing around to create some "panoramic" shots:


coachie.ballgames said...

Really find work. I haven't been to Keyspan in years, didn't realize they had a Dodger Stadium-style overhang.

I really miss Shea and that view. So, so, so many ads in that Citi shot. So, so not def.

Sequel to "bridges of madison county"
"The ballyards are bizman's bounty"

Biz said...

Keyspan is now called MCU Park. Yuck.

Don't have usbale pictures for panoramas of Wrigley, SI Yanks, Dodger Stadium, or Fenway. Ah well. Love the movie title. Will David Spade protray me in a serious role as well?