Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Opening Day 2010

Chris "you're a clown, bye" Carlin, Bobby Ojeda, Darrrrrrrrryl, Ronnie, Keith & Gary

Magnitude of boos, in ascending order: Jerry Manuel, Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez, Mets training staff


My favorite feature of the ballpark, a nod to the same sign in L.I.C.

Darryl throws a strike to Coupon arch-nemesis and 80s teammate Howard Johnson.

Johan was comfortably in control of the game, save for one drive off the Great Wall of Flushing from Jorge Cantu. Would've been treated to more from Santana were it not for a blown call at second base after a great relay from Jason Bay to nail Cantu.

Big Marlins righty Josh Johnson struggled all day with his command, and even got lucky with some line drive outs from Alex Cora and David Wright.

Would've liked to have seen a three-inning novelty save from Fernando Nieve, but it's Opening Day, so the closer is required by law to appear no matter how big the margin is for the home team.

Put it in the books!

Couldn't have asked for better conditions to open the season across the Northeast. George F. Will was probably sobbing tears of joy all day Monday. Not pictured are some of the improvements to CitiField, including relocating the original home run apple in front of the home plate entrance, numerous player posters and perhaps the simplest but most dramatic improvement: painting the previously anonymous stairwells orange and blue. Slowly but surely people will one day be able to tell which team plays there.

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coachie said...

Nice work.
The PepsiCo sign is nice, but there is just so much advertising everywhere that it just makes the place str8 janky.

I also don't get the general Met fan obsession with the apple. it's really right in front? that's too much. Nice to hear about the coloring tho, couldn't believe everything was white inside.

game 2=reality check.