Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Overheard and seen in L.A.

Photo by Coachette at the corner of Slauson and Crenshaw, for Woody's BBQ.
Saturday, 9 AM, Temescal Canyon Park; two middle-aged men strolling clutching large cups of Starbucks Coffee.
"You know, I'm turning 40! I need to get married."
"huh-huh, having a mid-life crisis eh?"
"I'm serious, it's just something I need to do."

I've been watching a lot of Sex and the City lately (yeah? so?), it's exactly what Charlotte announced before hurriedly marrying Trey. 

I watched the Braves-Giants game Sunday night to peep Tim Lincecum get nasty. The Giants hosted a reunion of their 2000 NL West winning team. At one point during the game, Jeff Kent joined the broadcast booth. He donned a Lincecum wig, then explained, in a comment sure to infuriate stat-geeks, that he tells young players wherever he goes, "The Money lies in the R.B.I.'s."

Whether it's true or not, it's a beautiful sentence. Say it out loud, repeat it as if it were an 'ohm' like mantra. The Money Lies in the R.B.I.s-The Money Lies in the R.B.I.'s-The Money Lies in the R.B.I.'s"

post script: Jeff Kent earned more than $86 million in his career and finished with 1,518 R.B.I.'s. The probable Hall of Famer was traded for Carlos "Cabeza" Baerga and Alvaro Espinoza.


cannatar said...

I spotted a "CABEZA" license plate a few days ago.

Cleveland Frowns said...

No foto? Cmon mayn!

The "schtee" label is put to excellent use at this post.

Biz said...

Not questioning Coachette's propensity to keep it gully, but just what was she doing at the corner of Slauson and Crenshaw? Attending the Swap Meet, perhaps?

a said...

Coachette is shooting a top-secret Network show and the studio is up in the hood homey.