Friday, May 28, 2010

Ron Artest Makes Craig Saeger Rep for Q Boro Mad Thoro

 From a bricked three to the game-winning put-back after an athletic sunning of Jason "My Jersey Number is As Uninspired as My Nickname" Richardson, Ron "The Hardest" Artest is E-Z to love.

After the game Craig Saeger tried getting all serious downer talk about RonRon's failed three with a full 24 to dribble out.

Artest: "Say Queensbridge."
Saeger (sheepishly): "Queensbridge."

Artest out.

Up there with Manny receiving his 2004 World Series MVP.
“I love you, I love you."

Also, "Thunder" Dan Majerle is a Dunns assistant coach.

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Biz said...

Saw that- phenomenal "interview" where Artest answered every question with "that's how we play on the playground."

Thunder Dan clips are shockingly hard to find on the youtubes. (FYI, looked two days ago, just because.)

Also, bball courts shockingly hard to find in Queensbridge.