Friday, May 07, 2010

Ron Isley and Keith Sweat Mother's Day in el Bronx, Drogba and Ronaldo are Hottt in Vanity Fair, and UK Tory Leader David Cameron Looks Like a Fish in a Condom

Putting the Va-Va-Voom back in Va-Va-Various. More Rando than Rondo. Disparate Delights.
First up, good to see that disrespected and unappreciated legend Ron "Mr. Biggs" Isley is out of prison and back performing. He'll be bringing it this Mother's Day Sunday alongside Keith "Let's" Sweat at the Paradise Theater on the Grand Concourse in the Boogie Down Bronx. Frankly, Isley & Sweat deserve to be crooning their bangers somewhere more bigtime, but hey:
And if you need to chill the fuck out on a Friday afternoon, here's Ron, Ernie (the master) and the rest of the Bros. taking you on a Voyage to Atlantis. Just wait for that opening riff. Wait for it.....there it is....ahhhhhh....
 Speaking of ahhhhh, here's the new Vanity Fair. Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo, letting it all hang out. Helllllloooooo, Sailor! Quite the contrast here. Drogba, frankly, looks uncomfortable, maybe cuz his Frank isn't up Ronadlo's Portuguese  Pepperoni. Poor job by VF here. With this kinda manmeat they could have produced some real amazing pics. But the lack of context, gray drapes in a studio with two studs wearing briefs/70's swimtrunks, makes the whole shebang cheap and contrived. Get them poolside!
 The U.K. held their election on Thursday. Two things to admire about their system; the campaign lasted 4 weeks and third parties, as well as fourth and fifth, actually have a say. Worth mentioning again that almost every democracy in the world is a parliamentary democracy. It's just us and Mexico enjoying our State rights. Fuck Thomas Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton gave us the Post, 'nuff said. 
Anyhoo, in the UK, no party achieved a majority, resulting in a "Hung Parliament." Raunchy. 
The Conservatives are led by David Cameron, a slimy, P.R.-created modern machine. A cartoonist named Steve Bell savaged Cameron with this cartoon, comparing him to a fish wrapped in a condom:


Biz said...

That flyer is straight out of the "Creflo Dollar on the subway" school of advertising.

Also, never forget props to Al X. Hamilton for keeping it real by getting himself shot.

coachie said...

Aaron "Droppping Bodies So Cold You'll be saying" Burr.

Biz said...

That... is a VERY good one.

Neddy D. said...

Great piece. That guys is not the real Ronaldo, though. /s/ Benjamin "Tut-tut whut-whut" Rutledge

coachie said...

woah, what?

Anonymous said...

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