Monday, June 14, 2010

BACK THE F UP! (Hot Pics Are Here)

Didn't come out so clear, but if you zoom in on the above 2 pics, you might be able to see that blue Clippers jersey being sported by Kevin James' stunt double reads "FU Sterling"
Cartman's, and Bizman's, greatest fear, a hippie drum circle about the grow exponentially.
And this was taken on my bike ride home after the Laker-Celtic game around 8:15 PM. Randy Newman was right.


Biz said...

That's how it always starts, with the drum circle. And that one is FAR too densely packed for my liking.

Coachie said...

I was far too frightened to get close enuff for a good pic. But it was one of the biggest I'd ever seen. That shot was from before the Laker game, it was going just as strong 3 hours later after the game.

Last week we heard the drum circle while playing sticks...7 blocks inland from the beach.