Friday, July 16, 2010

All Praise Due To the Quote Machine that Is Al K. Mza; also Carblows Blowtran

 New York City Stickball stopped handing out awards a few years ago, which is a shame, because the MZA's response to this horrific picture of Sly Stallone would have easily copped the quote of the year award:

"If biceps are guns would those be silencers?"
In other, somewhat related news, Juan Uribe looks really, really old. The new Otis Nixon mayhaps.

 Taking a stab at Fred Coupon-Like Creativity (see Baynilla etc.); what about Carblows Blowtran?


Biz said...

Juan Uribe or Droopy Dog?

I think that's Rambo trying to burst out of Sly's body so he can make another movie.

Bryan said...

Wow, MZA. Wow.