Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Manchize's Only True Love is Football reports Jamie Lynn Sigler; Also, David Beckham's Goldenballs Shine Brighter in Person

The Manchize only has eyes for football and is a total dork, as reported in the New York Post.  

Have to wonder tho, how comfortable Sanchez was enjoying Turtle's sloppy leftovers, especially considering that he was breaking off Hillary Rhoda at this time last year:

I've designed a new image to go with Jesse Chula's weekly "Footballer of the Week" column over at EPL Talk. Here is the final along with two also-rans I created.
Finally, and most importantly, I saw David Beckham on the street last night here in Santa Monica. He's even more ravishing and dreamy in person. He truly is Goldenballs. We were on an empty street and he str8 ice-grilled me harshie-style, maybe he thought I was paparazzi.

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