Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Teflon Donnie Walsh

 Even the 8 seed may be too lofty a goal for these New York Knicks. The last season the Knicks won a playoff game was in the 2000/2001 season, a first round exit to Toronto. Since then, every other team in the league has won at least one playoff game save the Charlotte Bobcats and the Memphis Grizzlies (at least Charlotte and Memphis have made the playoffs in recent years). Read that last sentence again. yeah.

The New York Post ran a poll Tuesday asking who is to blame for all this. Shockingly, "Teflon" Donnie Walsh only got 5% of the vote! What does he have to do to get raked over the coals for presiding over yet another underachieving team with no future? D'Antoni may indeed be a buffoon whose next coaching stop will be coaching A.I. in the Turkish League, but he didn't assemble this roster. Honestly, the only hope is that the Nets land 'Melo, finally move to Bucktown and usurp the 'Bockers.  Let em fade into Bolivia. 


al k mza said...

the knicks are the only team that could bring together a balkanized nyc sports environment.

It always pains me that the majority of people that i know who became new yorkers post-college have never experienced what this city feels like when the knicks are good.

i'm not sold on the nets. always a b-league franchise. i doubt those mcd family packs are going to make the trek over to brooklyn, so basically you're telling me that now the face that we'll have TWO mediocre at best options to spend our emotional capital on will be a good thing?

horse poo.

Fred Coupon said...

Considering he hasn't made one yet, you have to figure Prokhorov will make a crazy splash, and it doesn't even have to be personnel-related. Mail-order brides for the first 5,000 fans!

al k mza said...

like a mcstadium?

would you be surprised if it was surrounded by a granite and wrought iron fence?

i wouldn't

Coachie said...

now THAT would be amazeballs