Monday, November 08, 2010

Young Poppers

Andy Reid was a freakin' monster! Musta started rounding into coaching shape bouncing around assistant stints until learning from the Master himself in Green Bay, Mike "The Big Show" Holmgren.

Speaking of big head coaches, Eric Mangini is hardly recognizable anymore. Rex Ryan still has several satellites in orbit, but has lost a few pounds thanks to the miracle of the lap band.


Coachie said...

The fact that Sexy Rexy has shed some lbs is super-important because of the "no-fat-coach-has-ever-won-a-super-bowl-theory" first propounded by a reader in a sports guy mailbag column.
before anyone responds with bill parcells go back and look at his pics from his giant glory days, he was not 'fat' just husky, he didn't blow up till his cowboy daze.

coachie said...

further research into the pertinent issue reveals that Mike Holmgren was surprisingly svelte during Green Bay's Super Bowl season: