Monday, January 24, 2011

Environmentally Unfriendly Sardines from Whole Foods

Bought these sardines from Whole Foods, completely misleading package. "Sustainably caught along the California coast," but processed in Vietnam! Only about 8,000 miles apart! Like the Scottish langoustine problem in the New York Inquirer.
Meanwhile, I get physical Arby's coupons in the mail almost every day. All that paper, all that ink. Such a waste.


Biz said...

They were kidnapped to Nam, then brought back and repopulated by rambo, before being recaught Brian Dennehy.

al k mza said...

to quote our pal chaynz, this is some abdication of journalistic integrity:

The real argument here is that this country has removed its plants to 'Nam for a cheap profit, hence this ridiculous supply chain, or california to se asia.

and rambo.

coachie said...

meh, it still speaks to the fact that the only reason it's cheaper to process and ship from abroad is because the true cost of environmental damage is not being factored into shipping.
And if they are a small company why wouldn't they be able to find a facility here to process their volume? they're not building rockets or anything. i call shennanigans.