Thursday, January 13, 2011

A History of Eric Mangini Told Through Photoshops

"Mangenius in the Promised Land"
"What Dreams May Come to Tribe Fans"
"Manpoleon" by the equally talented Freddie Coupon.
"Villa 4 Life"
"Horseballs 2"
"A Frownie Christmas 2009"
"A Frownie Christmas 2010"
"E.M. is Fired as H.C. of the C.B."

"Wither the Mangenius?"


Biz said...

Simply stupendous, none moreso that Ericpoleon Bonagini.

Cleveland Frowns said...

tears of unfathomable sadness

Cleveland Frowns said...

It should be noted here that the Scotty-2-hotty piece comes from the following quote by Matthew J. Darnell at Yahoo's Shutdown Corner.

In noting that Brady Quinn played “decently,” in a preseason game two summers ago, MJD observed:

“[While] ‘decent’ isn’t exactly what the Browns are looking for, . . . that certainly beat the performance of Derek Anderson, who might as well have come on to the field, stuck his mouthpiece up his nose, did the worm and returned to the sideline.”

coachie said...

2 hott for Scott.