Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Should the Yankees Trade for Johan Santana?

photoshop credit: Tirico Suave

By Al K. Mza, unable to post directly:

Should the Yankees trade for Johan?
Think about it, Wilpons are broke, he’s due to make 20 mill plus over next three seasons, and Yankees need pitching depth. How about one of the Yankees catcher prospects, plus a minor league/draft pick poopoo platter for getting Santana’s obligation off the Amazins? Brian Cashman has swayed away from these mega signings in the last few years, but what if Johan comes back healthy and CC opts out at the end of this season? At the very least it would make Suzyn Waldman go insane. This isn’t a crazy idea is it?


al k mza said...

who is this tirico suave genius? what a nom de guerre!

I didn't mean to say cashman didnt make big deals because thats clearly not true, i meant the original johan deal that he declined.

rando fact: alfonso soriano has 4 years left on a 19mill per deal.

coachie said...

sadly, the mets should have traded beltran and johan back in 2008, who knows, the prospects they could have gotten back then could be coming up now to add much-needed depth. but instead they're gonna need jose reyes. will the mets ever homegrow an exciting player and hold on to him?

cannatar said...

that's not a crazy idea at all.

If CC walks, I could see it happening during the next offseason if Johan comes back healthy at some point this year. The last 2 years of his deal are pretty pricey, but the Yankees operate on a different financial playing field.
If they didn't make the Mets throw in any money, then they could probably have Johan for practically nothing.

coachie said...

johan would slot in pretty nicely as the Phillies' phifth starter.