Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Vintage Handball and Ping Pong Books

Further proof of the Mza's all-time axiom, things weren't better back in the day, except for back in our day. Peep these champs. Remember the brouhaha over Tom Brady's supposed effeminate hair? These men brushed their hair, conditioned their hair, oiled their hair, teased their hair, permed their hair, fucking luxuriated in their hair, then went out, played some handball, slapped each other's butts, slammed 12-14 Budweisers then dipped their balls in gruyere fondue before driving home. Drunk.

I feel like I was the G in blue in a past life. Such form. You know he just hit a killer.
Dr. Who pinging that pong. Such supreme concentration.

Good Gawd! Did anybody ever do these drills?


Biz said...

Are these in your collection? If so, where acquired?!?

coachie ballgames said...

Nah, the lie-brary. My home collection does have your Handball book contribution, which is better than the Sports Illustrated one I pictured here. This one is just good for the cover, the inside is full of the insane drills like the one I pictured.

al k mza said...

these are some insane pics - i want to see a battle between cannatar and the ping pong guy.

what an absurd era the 70s.