Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Beer to Have When You're Having More Than One

President Obama will soon be hosting Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard and Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley for beers at the White House to discuss Gates' controversial arrest.

The New York Post comes throo with the important question, what beer will they sip on?

We've already seen, at the All-Star Game in St. Louis, that Obama knows how to dress to appeal to the average American, so will he go with a kiss of the hops? Or the beer to have when you're having more than one?

I ask you, readers and fellow boozehounds, what should they drink? And how many beers before they're blasting The Boss' "Glory Days," scarfing pizza, sharing cigs and hugging each other?


The Mza said...

most definitely a midwest beer.

Old Style? maybe to cubbie-ish for a south sider like obama.

MGD? or perhaps even the champagne of beers to celebrate living the HiLife?

Or does Barry O extend the olive branch to his bostonian PO by going w/Sam?

We need chainz to drop some odds on this.

coachie said...

i do not care for either old style or mgd. is old style affiliated more with the north side/cubs?

remember when a pandering hillary was doing shots in PA? remember hillary clinton?

Bryan said...

Definitely not Old Style. MGD is a good bet (and delicious). But God help me I wish it was High Life. To have that picture... oh, lord.

The Mza said...

from the Post:

The president drank Bud Light(!), the vice president Bucklers, Gates Sam Adams Light and Crowley Blue Moon.

WTF is Bucklers? google search reveals a "low alcohol beer imported by Heineken NV"

Now, the Blue Moon pick of the cop is hilarious. (but since coors family no longer owns the brewery I guess it's ok to drink now, and as such, less funny)

Gates had the only American made beer...

a said...

wait, I had read that Gates had a Red Stripe.

truly a bizarre collection of beers all around.

if you're only having one beer and one beer only who the heck has a bud lite?

Bryan said...

I like that Biden was there. He's like, "They're havin beers? I'm in!" And they're all like, hey Joe, and have to stop their serious conversation.

cannatar said...

I didn't realize until yesterday that Biden is a life-long abstainer.

Anonymous said...

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