Friday, October 23, 2009

Et Tu, Magique?

Now Your Name is Just 'Toine.
LEAVE ISIAH ALONE! Jeezo-Peezo I feel like that he-she who defended Britney. Magic "How The Fuck Was A.C. "Never Mean" Green His Roommate?" Johnson is the latest to shit on Isiah, in a new book he sez Isiah questioned his sexuality, the whole world did at the time. Has Magic called Karl Malone out? Charles Barkley? Magic goes on to say that he, along with the rest of the Dream Team, did not want Isiah to play in the Olympics. Truly fucked. I have a hard time believing that Scottie "Oh, the Knicks? Same Shit, Different Season*" Pippen gave two shits. Let's not forget, in some racist-ass nonsense, that Christian Laettner was on that team

Aint it a bitch, to kick a man when he's down. And why the fuck is Magic dropppping a book? He already has a book, a great one, called "My Life." I read it concurrently as Larry Bird's "Drive." Magic's book is far better. Although Larry Bird gets proppps for not fronting by admitting that he is a competitive asshole on every page.

Is dissing Isiah the shit Magic has been waiting 20 years to get off his chest? In a book about the golden age of hoops?

Meanwhile, Isiah's old squidad, the Knicks, begin the season with what Sports Illustrated appropriately calls "an expansion roster." This is not necessarily a bad thing. The team's best three players are Isiah's, Wilson "Chilllll" Chandler, David "Dubbs" Lee and Nate "My resemblance to Tricky is Uncanny" Robinson. All came from Isiah. He did a better job that Scott Layden. And yes, he fucked up, but it's not as if Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni have built anything.

Magic has never been able to find success in basketball since he retired, despite trying several roles. He briefly, disastrously, coached an excellent Lakers team in 1994. It had Sam "I'll Cut You" Bowie, Elden "I'm Big" Campbell, Doug "Yes, Dear" Christie, Vlade "The Sweet Stench of Feta and Marlboros" Divac, Anthony "Sir" Peeler, Danny "Hairy Gams" Schayes, Sedale Threatt "2 Ya Whole Set," Nick "It Aint Hard 2 Tell" Van Exel, and James "Underrated" Worthy.

Stick to lattes and matinees, Magique.

*That is one of Papa Coachie's favorite quotes. And further proof that Pippen, like Worthy, remains supremely underrated.


Bryan said...

"Drive" is pretty worthless.

"Then we went to Atlanta, where I scored 36 points. I really wanted to beat Dominique Wilkins, who had scored 25 on me in the Garden the previous year. In this game, I decided to only shoot with my feet. It was great because some of 'Nique's teammates were laughing at him during the game. I always loved to see that. After the game, we headed to Washington, to play the Bullets, where I scored 27 points..."

Fred Coupon said...

If Isiah's such a savvy drafter, why didn't he just keep his lotto picks instead of importing Eddy 'I put a local Sizzler's out of business' Curry?

And Chandler, Lee and Nate are all 6th or 7th bananas on a good team.

coaches said...

that's an excellent summation of the book, bryman, that should run in the NY Review of Books. I like the mental image of larry shooting with his feet.

Coups, I'm not saying Isiah did an amazing job, but of the three reigns since Checketts/Grunfeld, those three being Layden, Isiah, Walsh/D'Antoni, Isiah doesn't look so bad.

in hindsight the Curry trade is bad, but at the time it seemed worthwhile to take the gamble on a big man like that. plus, the lottery pick turned out to be either ty thomas or joakim noah, both decent players, but it's not like we missed out on a franchise.

agreed, chandler lee and nate would likely be 4,5,7 on decent teams, but they are the only building blocks the knicks have right now.

why didn't they draft brandon jennings???

Bryan said...

JoLoMo LOVED the Curry trade.

coaches said...

Everybody loves JoLoMo.