Sunday, October 25, 2009

What Price, Victory?

Training camp contract disputes are almost always treated with the same response by the media and fans that Player X is a 'spoiled athlete' and should be 'thankful' they're compensated in the first place. But you have to feel for tail back Leon Washington, who showed up everyday -to be fair, he couldn't afford the fines he'd incur based on his meager rookie contract salary- and received some sympathy from the media, though not enough attention was paid to Jets' general manager Mike Tannenbaum's practice of deceiving and low-balling players -including guard Pete Kendall. But now Leon has a broken leg -after being sandwiched by four Raiders- and can only hope the front office appreciates his contributions to the team, no matter what Shonn Greene -refreshing change of pace from the crappy Shawn and Sean Greens the Mets have trotted out- contributes the rest of the way.

On a happier note, handing the hapless Oakland Raiders their worst home loss in franchise history still feels good, especially coming off the outrageous claim by defensive end Richard Seymour that they were a playoff contender. Giants' linebacker Antonio Pierce was still correct in referring to the Giants 44-7 pasting over Oakland two weeks ago as a 'scrimmage,' and the Raiders merely caught the Philadelphia Eagles in their annual 'throw 50 times when it is wholly unnecessary and have the fans throw Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid under the bus' game. Coach Poppers and Donovan will adjust and do just fine Monday night against the Washington Redskins -former star John Riggins' bashing of the organization was cute at first, but now he's just an attention whore that likes the sound of his own voice. So while the Jets can't strut and beat out their chests after their conquest in Oakland, they can go into the Miami Dolphin rematch with some confidence in both their running game and the emergence of wideout David Clowney -someone's gotta benefit from the attention Braylon Edwards draws. Maybe linebacker Calvin Pace can even make some tackles.

P.S. As much as this perpetuates Rex Ryan's reputation as a loosey-goosey leader more interested in making his players happy than competitive, how great was his assist in the Gatorade shower for assistant head coach/offensive line coach/ex-Raiders head coach Bill Callahan? Total eff you to a brooding Al Davis -what was the towel draped over his lap for?


coachie said...

Wait, so now we've got Shawn, Sean, Chone, and Shonn all as acceptable ways of spelling 'Sean??'

Have the Jets worn their Titans uniforms more than their actual uniforms this year? What about actually throwing back to their better shade of green worn in the 60's?

Fred Coupon said...

I think it could be the same reason we don't see the Eagles rock their classic jerseys: colors that resemble the turf screw up the first down software and have the line go through players on the screen. Both teams used to have similar shades of green and have both switched to darker ones. The Packers still get away with their shade of green, though it's not quite as light as the old Jets' and Eagles' green.

And the road Titans jerseys aren't *that* bad. But it's a shame we don't see the iconic '69 jersey at least once a season.

coaches said...

things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm.....i've never thought about that re: the first down line. well, that sucks. i think the titans unis are boring, especially when compared to all the other far more colorful and bright AFL throwbacks.