Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Shhhh, the Stallion is Sleeping

This is a stallion, resting. Majestic.

This is the Italian Stallion. He is 21 years old.

Danilo Gallinari is off to a blistering start, scoring wise at least. He's shooting 47% from the field, 50% from way downtown-YES! But how promising can his career be if he spends his bench time impersonating Larry Bird in his last days?

The Knicks have four youngsters worth developing. Of those, David Lee and Nate Robinson already seem to have reached their potential. Nate is an excellent off-the-bench weapon. David Lee could be as valuable to a team as Dennis Rodman and Ben Wallace were. Wilson Chandler could grow into a central role. Gallinari could be the next Wally Szczerz or Tommy Guggz.

Al Harrington is a swell guy who sells cheap sneakers. Larry Hughes has a winning smile. Chris Duhon looks tired. Jared Jeffries needs to eat a burger before he becomes Swizz Beatz. Darko's lasting legacy may be giving a name to fantastic blog. Jordan Hill is the guy who will represent our collective regret for not taking Brandon Jennings. Toney Douglas? He aint Sherm.

The team, ehhh, not so much. 1-4 and conceding 117 points a game. Their one win came Monday nite against a Hornet team has possibly the worst bench of any playoff team. There was a time when Byron Scott looked like the man DMX would age into. Jail hasn't ruined DMX' striking looks like it has so many others, but now he kinda resembles James Worthy.

With the Nets also off to an abysmal start, the race for the metro area's best team should be quite the schnooozer. At least they both catch love in Hov's generic latest, "Empire State of Mind." (remember, he stays hood but lives in Tribecks). Lebron will have quite the choice to make.


Fred Coupon said...

Hey, the Knicks are 1-3, and still alive for the 8th seed! Stallion and Hill better grow up fast, because we all know reinforcements are not coming from the draft next year.

Has anyone done a study on the the stat inflation D'Antoni's system provides? He's the greatest thing that ever happened to the Players' Association.

And doesn't "If Jesus payin' Lebron, I'm payin' Dwayne Wade" qualify as tampering?

coachie said...

it's hovy baby.
and it is true, he is the jerk responsible for making the yankee hat a global fashion item for dipshits.