Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Young Money Finna B Old Loot.

Brandon Jennings merits our respect. He said "Fuck You" to the corrupt college basketball and its enforced system of free labor. He said "Fuck You" to the Knicks for not doing the right thing and drafting him. And he says "Fuck You" to the corny Cribs idea of what wealth looks like.

A recent New York Times profile reveals that he pushes a Ford Edge. He lives in an apartment near the Bucks' training facility. Or as the Times put it, "far from downtown Milwaukee and its beckoning nightlife." I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, off to souse their souls in the French Quarter, the Deuce, the Sunset Strip, the Tenderloin...and downtown Milwaukee. No wonder Todd "Who" Day of Paul's Burger Wall of Ill Fame never made it.

Jennings, through three games, is dropppping 22, 5 and 4 while the Bucks play feisty. Nor is the only rookie picked after the Knicks selection to be making meaningful contributions in the yung season. Ty Lawson, DeMarre Carroll, Chase Budinger and DeJuan Blair are all impressing. Meanwhile, here are Jordan Hill's stats thus far:

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