Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Booby Bowl I; An Awfully Adorable Invincible Iron Man Hat; The Far East Movement's ode to the Pontiac G6

With the skies overcast and a brisk breeze blowing through Los Angeles (it's fucking cold!) this past Sunday was oddly perfect weather to play the long-overdue Booby aka International Football aka Fly Football championship, things were going swimmingly until an errant pass from yours truly severely sprained the finger of my teammate, Rex Volcanoe. He had to pop the sucker back into place. And that was that, handing the default victory to B-Town and Coachette and the official D, 7-5 winners in the first game and up 3-2 in the second.
A most adorably rad hat. Unbearably cute even.
Were you aware that the Pontiac G6 was an ill car? I wasn't. A bunch of wannabe Black-Eyed Peas called The Far East Movement are blowing up the airwaves with "Like a G6." I'm mildly offended that they name-check Three-Six, but that beat tho...sheeeet.

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Biz said...

Props to B-Town's tuffness. A true Booby warrior.