Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A New Challenger for World's Greatest Penalty Kick; and A Perfect Summary of Why Citi Field is a bumout.

Not so much the greatest penalty kick but the natural evolution of where the shot should go. Are you going left or right? An effective fake-out combined with the ability to shoot with either foot is deadly, as evidenced here.

Of course, penalties would be a lot more entertaining if this completely ballsy move by legend Johan Cruyff could be pulled off more often.
A lot has been said on the overall -meh-that is Citi Field. Suffice it to say, for all its problems, it's biggest problem, for me, is that the building of a new stadium was the Mets one big chance to have a permanent one-up on the Yankees, after all we could never have a one-up on the actual field of play but why not have a better stadium? They blew it. Cue Robert De Niro.  

Anyway, here's Greg Prince of the mexcellent Faith and Fear expressing that missed opportunity very well.
 Hey, I can't see home plate! And why the fuck is there a bridge in the outfield? Is this Houston?
What's tackier, neon ballplayers on your facade or giant ads?

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