Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes; To Be Free To Be Who We Are

Props to Al K. Mza for inspiring this romp through Google Images:
Oh, I'm sorry, what the fuck were you looking at?


al k mza said...

wow. some proper DITC here...

the Isley/Melvin cover looks like inspiration of the cashmoney/nolimit album covers of the late 90s, no? wait, were they sampling album cover art????

al k mza said...

and if they weren't...let's do it. I think it's about time someone re-did this album cover: (big boi perhaps?)

or how about MIA redoing the classic Sex Pistols art? the colours fit her.

or Daft Punk re doing THIS:

Coachie said...

i'm with you on the mayfield, but there aren't many g's who could fill the photographic shoes of oates and hall. now, a loggins-messina maybe.