Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Mellow Man Ace will Reward you With Real Hip Hop Blasting Out of Your Speakers Or He May Kill You as his Ad is Vague as To His True Intentions.

"Mellow Man Ace" is a great name. It's got three great words combined together in logical fashion. But his real name is equally awesome, as he's know to the government as Ulpiano Sergio Reyes. Like Y.G. of "Toot it and Boot It" fame, Mellow also calls L.A. Los Skandalous, which is awful. But veering back to props, my man Mellow rides the L.A. subway. From the side he looks like Guru, R.I.P.
Sadly, Mellow Man Ace was an o.g. member of Cypress Hill but left before they hit it big, so, like Harold Melvin sans the Blue Notes, he never went platinum. I spotted this poster all over Venice, and now it is for you to enjoy.


Biz said...

Is that from the latest issue of Murder Dog?

coachie said...

Nah, my own investigative journalism. Those flyers were posted on dang near every lightpost in Venice.

al k mza said...

harold melvin never left the blue notes, he just got perpetually sunned by not being teddy pendergrass.

they have THE definitive version disco anthem "don't leave me this way." eff a thelma louis. (rightfully covered by dmitri from paris)

coachie said...

woah, well done, Miz, well done. Melvin does indeed resemble a low-budg Teddy P. And that song is indeed 2timesdope.

Thought, aren't we all perpetually sunned by not being Teddy Pendergrass? (pre-accident).

Anonymous said...

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