Monday, August 02, 2010

Hot Photo Monday

Mondays are not for deep thought, they are for absorbing the first shocks of the week with as little thought as possible. What better distraction then, than hot photos? Peep and Persevere, Dunnies.

First up, Broadway Joe and O.J., with nary a Suzy K. to disrupt the convo. Best caption wins a Shea Hey no-prize:

 On the more serious tip, I implore you to peep this link from the Denver Post featuring pristine quality color photos from the early 1940s. I've never seen photos this old of this high quality, it's definitely a trip to see such lifelike images of such a bygone age. via the always amazing uniwatch as usual. Here's a sample.


Biz said...

wow, some of those look like they could have been taken this year.

Sign me up for some oranges at 1 cent each, please.

al k mza said...

"i wanna cut you"