Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Frownie Always Wanted to Open a Fish Restaurant Called Just for the Halibut; Also, Satchel Paige Pitching for the Kansas City A's Alongside Segui and Tartabull; also Berba first man to score hat-trick for Man United against L'pool in many a moon.

Puns+Shitty Food=Rispekt.
F.C.K.F. stands for Fried Chicken Kebabs Fish. Fuck.
Here's an interview with a brilliant graphic designer who has made a career out of making dozens of iterations of cartoon chickens, the subject of a new book called "Chicken: Low Art, High Calorie."
Via Uniwatch, this amazing photo of Satchel Paige from 1965. At the supposed age of 58, Paige signed on with Charlie O. Finley's Kansas City Athletics. He started and pitched three innings on September 25, 1965 in an eventual loss to the Boston Red Sox. As part of the fanfare, Finley arranged for Paige to rest in a rocking chair in the bullpen before the game attended to by a nurse. In his three innings, Paige only surrendered a hit against a decent Sox lineup that included Carl Yastrzemski and Tony Conigliaro.
 Of further note, the A's that game featured the fathers of two semi-prominent future New York baseball players, Jose Tartabull, daddy of Danny and Diego Segui, pop dukes of David. Weird, eh? Biggupp props to baseball-reference.com for their box score database.
Finally, my latest for epltalk.com, a historical nugg on the last Man United player to score a hat-trick against L'pool.


Biz said...

The Mets should sign Satchel Paige right now as their #2 starter for 2011.

Anonymous said...

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