Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tarnation, It's A Tarnadah!

Last Thursday, a "macroburst" tornado hit the Killa Hillz. Ish was NO JOKE. Nobody smiling.

Damn. Meanwhile, the jerks who already razed their trees to create monstrous concrete yards were sitting pretty. Well, still ugly, actually, but you see what I mean.


coachie said...

ill photos.
looks like they'll have to shutdown the schoolhouse for a few more years.
how's the cleanup been?

coachie said...

also, thank goodness there wasn't a truck delivering pepper driving through that storm otherwise there woulda been one heckuva peppuh explosion up in there.

Biz said...

The cleanup is virtually done. In FH Gardens, it was nearly completed within two days. Money talks.

I have not heard the pepper skit referenced in too long. Bravo.