Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hype Williams: Do Roids and Kill e'rything

Superswaggg aka the new hotness.

No, it's not the genius Hype Williams behind the classic, "Belly." Beautifully executed opening scene, plus booba-clot madness.

Nah, it's some next-shit dude from Germany or England or wherevs dropping bombs like this one, called "Do Roids and Kill e-rything," a dj-screwed up version of Drake's "Over."

Also, this following clip is trippy as fuck. Wait for the reveal, better than Inception.


Biz said...

I have but one thing to say: LEN-NOX!

al k mza said...

hype williams did this? pretty cool, but doesnt it seem like he's slumming it? from gloss to guerilla

Coachie said...

different hype williams. pretty dumb of this guy to just jack the name but I don't think this guy cares much. i can't stop listening to it. took an already blaze song and took it to another level.