Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Los Angeles Stickball Playoffs

We're starting a 6-man stickball tournament hopefully this Saturday. Here's the crest I made for the league.


cannatar said...


Totally unrelated - I think the Giants at +220 to win the NLCS is a solid bet. The Phillies have better hitting and pitching, but not by that big a margin.
Giants should be around +150 like the Rangers.

coachie said...

interesting. But the G-Men have such a chumpy lineup. And Brian Wilson is just itching to blow up. Lincecum v. Halladay, word.

Biz said...

Whose dog izzat?

That was good za- from the place on abbott kinney?

coachie said...

the dog belongs to the champ.
i won my playoff game on saturday. word.