Monday, July 25, 2011

Kool and the Gang's "Summer Madness" (the Extended Version) Will Chill You The Fuck Out No Matter How Fucking Hot it is Outside. Also, Holy Warbles Brings the Psychedelique Funkenfuzz of Stone Coal White.

you may recognize this jamm as the source for Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's "Summertime."

BUT WAIT. This jam should be paired with their "Winter Sadness" to properly reflect on the circle of (trife) life. 

While on that 70's ill jammy-jam tip, check this awesome 70's rarities music blog holy warbles. They just dropped some ill knowledge about a band called "Stone Coal White," that they accurately describe as "Psychedelique Funkenfuzz."

If you diiiiiig, the download link is in the first comment. not shady.


al k mza said...

it's what denis hopper would have listened to while up the river in apocalypse now

coachie said...

I've never seen apocalypse now. I feel like Peter Griffin

al k mza said...

it's pretty alright. completely stunning for the ridiculous cast more so than anything else.
robert duvall as a hardass lt. colonel? ok whynot?

larry fishburne? sure!

what about han solo him self? of course!

and lets not forget brando in full dontgiveafizuck mode.

well worth a viewing tho the movie is crazy long.

getting back on topic, who knew about winter sadness!!!!!!

Biz said...

The directors cut has a 15 minute scene discussing French-Vietnamese politics over a dinner table. Now that's good watchin'.

This is entirely too funky.