Sunday, July 24, 2011

Look into My Eyes

Deep in the subterreanean level below bleeker street lies a bin of magic and wonderment

doing what he does best

"lionel, we need you to look more haunted"

"same look LR, but let's get you in profile his time babe, i want to feel the hurt"

Girl, take off your pants


Bryan said...

Fact: I am fingering his bum

Coachie said...

bleecker bob's? bleecker st. recs?
the cornelia st. place that charges $100 beans for aythang?

"Is it me you're looking for?"

oh, lionel.

Bryan said...

Bleecker St. Records.

It was in the 99 cent bin, which is 99 cents more expensive than just taking a picture of it.

coachie said...

yeah, it's the bittersweet paradox of modern life. why own anything?

Biz said...

Well, MZA owns that picture. But in a cruel irony, methinks Lionel now owns HIM.

Coachie said...

relatedly, there was some confusion when i faced the miz in sticks a few weeks ago as we couldn't remember who was in who's head. after al k. emerged a 7-0 winner and nearly hit for the cycle it's clear my mail's being forwarded to his cerebellum.