Friday, July 15, 2011

STOP THE PRESSES! SCRAMBLE CHOPPERS! SHOCKING NEWS! Broker Believes Real Estate Market is Strong!

Also in today's paper:

Butcher: Whaddaya Gonna Eat, Tofu?!?
Baker: Guess What Fat Kids Like!
Candlestick Maker: Candlebras Are the New Black
Penis Pill Seller: Hey, Limpdick,Your Dick's Small!
Guiseppe Franco: Bald Men Want Hair.
Bed-Stuy Bodega Owner: Hey, You Want Some Clamato? I Got Plenty.
Coffee Cart Guy: Bear Claws Need Hot Liquid to be Dunked In.
Neptune Diner Owner: Souvlaki and Rice Pudding is the New Burger and Apple Pie
Mike D'Antoni: This is the Year!
Hollywood Agent: I Smell Oscar!

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Biz said...

Quick, someone tell the Brooklyn Brawler!