Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who Was The Shittiest Mets Closer of Them All?

I was always a little partial cuz of our shared name.
What if we implanted the desire to blow a close his dreams???
I didn't make this one, but I found and decided I couldn't do better for a Braden Looper image. He's Peter Criss by the way. And by the way, time may have forgotten that double blown save against Pittsburgh, but I haven't.
quick quiz, a picture of a random Met fan from the upper deck or Met closer and son of Sanitation Worker John Franco?
misunderstood, but not by Paul O'Neill.


Fred Coupon said...

Johnny, in a landslide. No one received more free passes over the course of a career. Too many blown saves to count. It also wasn't a coincidence the Reds won a title after trading him.

Wagner should finish second, ahead of Benitez. He sucked just as much as Armando in his postseason stint in 2006, was integral to the choke in 2007, and disappeared in 2008. Adding insult to injury are the Coupons/Omar opting to trade him for crappy minor leaguers rather than just letting him walk in free agency.

cannatar said...

If I had to try to blow a game, I'd go with Looper.
If the game was against the Yankees, I'd go with my gut and bring in Benitez.

Coup, I agree that Franco stinks, but you're being overly harsh on Wagner. He only had one damaging game in the 2006 playoffs. The choke in 2007 had nothing to do with him; the Mets didn't have any leads for him to blow. And it seems like a stretch to blame him for getting injured in 2008 or for getting dealt in a stupid trade.
I may be ready to call Wagner the best of the sorry bunch.

Fred Coupon said...

He wasn't particularly terrible in the last 17 games of 07, but of those 12 losses he does have a blown save in there.

Can't begrudge the injury too much, but perhaps my judgment of his postseason is a little biased because I was there for his NLCS game two egg.

Anonymous said...

speechless at the simple brilliance of the braden looper pic

Franco was the mets closer for NINE years.

al k mza said...

i am anomymous.

i however, am not, amonsynous

Al k mza said...

Also, remember when rodriguez walked mariano?

coachie said...

was that for the angels?

cannatar said...

No, it was with the Mets. I'd 99% forgotten.
Just looked it up. Yanks were already up a run in the top of the 9th. Mariano was going for a 4-out save. He came up with the bases loaded and two outs and K-Rod walked in a run.
Mets lost 4-2.

Biz said...

I'd forgotten that one! Amazing. Not only was it not for the angels, it was for the d'evils that torment the Mets.