Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tha U

i fucking hate college football. only in america do we have to have these discussions about sports. and these fucking middle-aged white sports media people all outraged, like the morning host here in l.a., espn's colin cowherd. blaming the kids. for what? doing what anyone else in their shoes woulda done? oh, but that's right, in the white sports, like baseball, hockey, tennis and golf you can go pro outta high school, or before high school for tennis, and get paid, and party. Because that's what young entertainers do, party. Or do these middle-aged white sports-media figures not think that their favorite musicians partied; bruce springsteen, the stones etc. They'll pump Billy Joel at home and won't begrudge him the money or the partying or the d.u.i.'s. But black athletes? Getting paid?? Partying??? Making Reggie Bush give his Heisman back? Shove it up your ass.
And why is the NCAA penalty always on the future kids who had nothing to do with anything? Because the NCAA isn't interested in justice. It's a fucking pony show.
Simple solution without blowing up the rule book and without paying players. If a school fucks up, no bowl ban, no loss of scholarships, they keep playing, and every dime the school earns from its football games and its bowl games goes to other schools to pay for scholarships. Isn't the NCAA better off, morally and financially, if Ohio State, USC, and tha U play their games, stay in the spotlight, and earn money that goes to needy kids around the country?


Fred Coupon said...

Don't forget the SEC, which earned its reputation as the best conference in the country by being the most crooked. The only solution is to completely blow up *all* college sports and start over. Title IX and minor mens sports make for a big roadblock toward paying hoops and football players (the only money earners for a school). Wouldn't pay based on percentage of revenue be fair? Like all players getting 60% of what they provide for the school?

The worst part about the Shapiro debacle is unlike OSU and USC, tha U didn't even get any big bowl wins out of it.

Coachie said...

I don't think you need to pay players just treat them like every other college student all the rules in place are about making them different than their fellow students and holding them to a 19th century standard that barely existed back then.

Biz said...

I'm with Coup.

No one who read 'Boz' should be surprised in the slightest by these "revelations".

coachie said...

i once owned "the boz" i'm not sure if i do anymore. but then again, there's no point to owning anything anymore, the 21st century is brazy!

Fred Coupon said...

Just one of the reasons I love the U: how many schools have coaches who would call a guy a "scumbag" on radio? God bless Jimmy Johnson.