Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why was I not informed about the existence of these commercials?

While we're on the subject of the NC two A today...

I found this while searching for "Goulet Red Ships of Spain." At some points during this video while not looking at the screen, I thought I was listening to Will Ferrell (the opening couldn't be any saltier). Kudos to the brilliant ad-man at ESPN for coming up with one of the most bizarre campaigns ever. I wasn't surprised to see Coach K awkwardly playing along in the crowd, but Rick (Francesa's chicken parm buddy) Majerus and John "I'll kick your (John Calipari's) ass!" Chaney make for amusing cameos.

At the very end, does he say "all the excitement of the Vegas, but without some bellhop fucking you for a tip!"?

With NBA armegeddon coming, ESPN will have the "only gig in town you sumbitches!" I'm imagining Will Ferrell in a rebuilt studio picking up where Bob left off. Make it happen.


Biz said...

Sure does say that! This is magical.

Between this, his Simpsons appearance, and Naked Gun 2.5, unreserved props for Mr. Goulet.

coachie said...

i remember these. who's ready for some November St. John's hoooooops? i wonder if the NHL will pick up any numbers cuz of the lockout? doubt it.

and fuck SNL in the butt for not allowing these lost classics to be seen. what money are they making by not allowing the genius of 'red ships of spain' to be seen??

goulet. nature.

Fred Coupon said...

I dropped the ball not going to a game last year, I'll make sure to attend one. I wonder if MSG will schedule more Johnnies games with all that free time it'll have.

While you're right about the NHL enjoying a negligible boost from an NBA lockout, I'm sure NCAA ratings will spike. All those gamblers have to bet on something between Sundays.

al k mza said...

this is the closest we'll get coachie,