Friday, November 04, 2011

Mo Classic Album Covers from Ye Olde Record Shop. Yo.

If shit like this hung in the MoMA I would go. Well, not for $25 but I'd at least ponder the notion.

Simpson looks less like she's in love and more like she's been captured. But hard to not be enraptured by Ashford's Lion eyes. 

No jokes, that's just good looking art

Pssst, I think he's looking at you. And by you, I mean the MZA.

Fucking asshole. Even Mad Magazine wouldn't run that pun.

Kenny Rogers....or Bob Seger? Jeezo-Peezo, they're all laughing because they banged that chick before the show. Except the guitar player. He's looking at Kenny like, "What's so funny?"

Kenny Loggins' much cooler, much more mellow brother. Rocking the canadian tuxedo AND a ribbed turtleneck AND a  middle-part perm AND he's still like, "Whatever you wanna do, man, it's cool."

that is a lineup. 


Biz said...

No worries, I can get you into the MOMA for free. So, you know, soon as they get some of these...

I take it these were peeped at Amoeba?

Seamus said...

Live and Heavy wld be the one i'd buy (Esp love the blood tears) BUT 38 Special is the best cover. "wild eyed southern boys" written on the sign just so know their attitude is fuck all! Seems the 70s was last time it was cool to be a musician from the South. Look at the putrid cheese coming from modern Nashville or Hank Williams Jr and III for that fact. The same style 38 Spesh and Duane and Bros sported is being ripped off by amateur brooklyn snobs everywhere. Could be worse. hopefully it gets them laid

coachie ballgames said...

it could be a lot worse than to bite the style of manly legends.

taken at a record store called "record surplus" in santa monica, trying to find a record for seamus.

Thomas Gamble said...

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Fred Coupon said...

I see a little Darrelle in Teddy P.

Coachie said...

yes, good call on that comparison