Monday, November 07, 2011

Uncle Luke Campbell of 2 Live Crew Threatens to Revoke Lil Wayne's M.I.A.M.I. card; also Steve Serby on Pats-Giants

Luke Campbell, still pulling the strings in the M.I.A. Don't forget, in the video for "I'm On One," Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross (Baws) and DJ Khaled are chilling in an empty loft in downtown Miami., drinking out of red dixie cups overlooking Biscayne Bay on an overcast day. Was Weez making a statement on the state of the greater-Miami area economy? Pick up the latest issue of Hip-Hop magazine to find out.
Also, is a Tupac sex tape scandalous if he's dead?
Steve 'SerbyBot 3000" Serby on yesterday's Giants win over the Pats.
SuperMann in Glendale, Ariz.,, SuperMann in Foxborough, Mass.

The advanced software of SerbyBot is set to cut and paste the above sentence next week should the Jets beat the Pats as well. "Last week, SuperMann in Foxborough, today, Mark can be SuperSan in East Rutherford."


Fred Coupon said...

Uncle Luke should be made tha U's athletic director. Hell, school prez.

Biz said...

School prez? Hell, US prez!

This story garnered major interest from a U fan at work, as well as a former Miami resident, and a google search for 'lil wayne luke miami card' reveals 35,500,500 results. Streets iz talkin.

I highly recommend the actual column by Luke in the Miami Times:

ferds said...

i believe boss is spelled bawse..great stuff lately!